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Kimbery Goodell
September 23, 2023

I had a great dental visit. I had worked for a dentist office for 3 years and was very particular when I choose a new office for my family. I heard great things about Dr. Wright and Brittney had been our hygienist years before. Both my visits went very well. Dr. Wright is very personable. Her assistant Tina was very friendly and so was the whole office. They were very helpful when given me info on what I would owe. Dr. Wright fixed an issue for me that I had for years and didn’t think could be fixed. I highly recommend them.

Adam Severy
February 13, 2023

This is a wonderful family friendly dentist office! The staff is incredibly kind and my children actually enjoy coming here!

Patricia Whittemore
February 6, 2023

The staff is always so caring and friendly. So glad I switched my son to this place!

Kevin McDonnell
January 30, 2023

Dental Offices Terrified me….Until I became one of Dr.Frank D’Auria’s first patients (long before “The Center for Dental Health” was established) and grieve his and his staff’s departure. They were a great crew. I’m feeling truly blessed by the seamless transition Dr. Kelly Wright has accomplished. I am not one who is comfortable with change or meeting new people, but everyone in this office is welcoming, friendly, helpful, competent, professional and just plain nice. What can I say other than Thank You.

John Murphy
December 28, 2022

My appointment was on time and the person that cleaned my teeth did a great job. Thank you to everyone involved.. Happy New Year!

Bill Reuther
December 14, 2022


Dental Bonding: Transforming Smiles with Precision and Artistry

Unveiling the Power of Cosmetic Bonding for Picture-Perfect Teeth

A beautiful smile is a source of confidence and joy, and modern dentistry offers a myriad of cosmetic solutions to enhance your pearly whites. Among these, dental bonding stands out as a versatile and effective technique for transforming your smile. At Union Street Dental in Bennington, VT, we take pride in using dental bonding to create stunning smiles that leave a lasting impression.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that involves the application of a tooth-colored resin material to repair or enhance the appearance of teeth. It is a popular choice for addressing various dental imperfections and achieving a seamless, natural-looking smile.

The Dental Bonding Process

The dental bonding process is straightforward and typically completed in a single visit to our Bennington dental office. Here’s what you can expect during your dental bonding procedure:

  • Consultation: During your initial consultation, our experienced dental team will assess your dental concerns and discuss your smile goals.
  • Preparation: In most cases, anesthesia is not necessary for dental bonding, unless the procedure involves treating a decayed tooth.
  • Bonding Application: Your dentist will choose a shade of resin that closely matches your natural teeth. The resin is then carefully applied to the tooth surface and artfully sculpted to achieve the desired shape and appearance.
  • Curing: A special light is used to harden the bonding material, ensuring a strong bond with the tooth.
  • Finishing Touches: After the bonding has hardened, your dentist will trim, shape, and polish the material to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, resulting in a beautiful, radiant smile.

Versatility of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is an incredibly versatile cosmetic treatment that can address a wide range of dental concerns, including:

  • Chipped or Cracked Teeth: Bonding can effectively restore the shape and structure of damaged teeth.
  • Tooth Discoloration: Stubborn tooth discoloration that does not respond to teeth whitening can be masked with tooth-colored bonding.
  • Gaps between Teeth: Dental bonding can close small gaps between teeth, providing a more uniform and symmetrical smile.
  • Minor Tooth Misalignment: Bonding can create the illusion of straighter teeth, especially for individuals with minor alignment issues.
  • Reshaping of Teeth: Irregularly shaped or small teeth can be aesthetically enhanced through bonding.

Advantages of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding offers numerous benefits for patients seeking cosmetic improvements:

  • Conservative Treatment: Bonding is a minimally invasive procedure that preserves more natural tooth structure compared to other cosmetic treatments.
  • Fast and Efficient: Dental bonding can often be completed in a single visit, providing immediate results.
  • Cost-Effective: Compared to other cosmetic options, dental bonding is an affordable way to achieve a stunning smile.
  • Natural Appearance: The tooth-colored resin used in bonding closely mimics the appearance of natural teeth, providing a seamless and natural-looking smile.

At Union Street Dental in Bennington, VT, we are committed to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams. Dental bonding is one of our preferred cosmetic solutions due to its versatility, efficiency, and remarkable results. If you’re ready to transform your smile or have any dental concerns, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with our skilled dental team. Together, we can unlock the potential of dental bonding and reveal a smile that exudes confidence and radiance. Experience the power of cosmetic bonding and take the first step towards a picture-perfect smile!

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